API Documentation For Transactional SMS

Send transactional SMS 24x7 to your users in India from your Website or Mobile App
10 seconds delivery or money back challenge

Single SMS API

Note on HTTP connections: please limit yourself to one concurrent connection, i.e., in your code, send with only one thread/process.

URL (Single SMS): http://api.znisms.com/post/smsv3.asp?userid=joinus&apikey=xxx&message=Your+Message&senderid=9123123456&sendto=9123123457

Required parameters:

userid: your ZNI username

apikey: API key issued to you by ZNISMS. Kindly note API KEY is always different then your ZNISMS password. API KEY is case sensitive so, please be careful for it.

message: max 158 chars for text

senderid: As approved by us (Max. 6 characters) from which you want to send SMS.

sendto: any valid mobile no. without +91 or 91 or 0 (only 10 digit mobile no.)

Return Response:

    status_code #message_id or error description

Possible values for status_code are:

20: Account Locked

21: Account Expired

22: Internal fatal error

23: Authentication failure

23x01: User credentials not matched.

23x02: Either API access is not enabled for your account or API key is invalid. Check up with ZNISMS Support.

23x03: Current IP address not configured for sending SMS.

23x10: API key not valid

24: Data validation failed

24x04: Destination mobile number not valid

24x05: Gateway not set for your account

24x06: Invalid senderid

24x07: Numeric senderid not allowed on GSM destinations

24x08: Not allowed to use this senderid

24x09: Not allowed to use alphanumeric CLI on Reliance

24x10: Message length exceeds limit

25: You do not have sufficient credits

26: Upstream credits not available

27: You have exceeded your daily quota

28: Upstream quota exceeded

40: Temporarily unavailable

50: Message submitted to SMSC for delivery.


        50 #100001

where, 100001 is the message number which you just submitted.

Note: you should attempt to resend if you receive status code 40. You could also do so if you receive 26 or 28, which might have been resolved after several resend attempts. All other errors should be considered fatal. Any HTTP status code other than 200 should be considered transient, i.e. you should attempt to resend after some interval.

Check your balance via URL 


Check Delivery Report via URL


userid: your znisms userid

pwd: your znisms password

msgid: ID returned by our HTTP URL


Message ID#Delivered

Message ID#Submitted

Message ID#Failed-0


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