Transactional SMS

Send transactional SMS 24x7 to your users in India from your Website or Mobile App
Ten seconds delivery or money back guarantee

Order Confirmation SMS

Order Confirmation

Send confirmation SMS to your users regarding thier orders or with the shipping details.

One Time Password SMS

One Time Password (OTP)

You can send OTPs with our APIs for mobile number validation.

Send Login Info SMS

Account Information

Send customer registration details, login information through SMS.

We send more than 2,30,000 transactional SMS per day for over 7,000 companies across India
Custom Sender ID in SMS

Custom Sender ID

Set your own six character sender Id on the SMS for custom branding.

Send SMS 24 by 7

Send 24 x 7

You can send SMS through our gateway 24 by 7 even on the DND listed numbers.

SMS are deliverd in seconds

Within Seconds Delivery

We use only premium gateways like Airtel and Vodafone for instant delivery.

Send SMS through API


Easy to use simple REST based APIs allows you to integrate our services.

Get instant delivery reports of the SMS sent

Delivery Reports

All our SMS delivery reports are available through API as well as throug web panel.

SMS Logs

Instant Logs

Check SMS sent logs on our website, so that failed SMS can be resent easily.

Sales Force Management

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